Only in Dubai

Sometimes things happen in Dubai that just wouldn’t happen anywhere else. It’s the birthplace of the urban myth. For example, last night my husband and I enjoyed a fabulous meal at the newly opened Ivy restaurant. I had a Chocolate Orange Bomb for dessert, quite possibly the most incredible dessert I have ever had. When I complimented the waiter on his recommendation, he told us they had only just been able to start serving it. Apparently the delivery of molds was held up in customs whilst they worked out what to do with a a case of 24 suspiciously shaped items in a box marked ‘Bombs’.¬†Brilliant.

4 thoughts on “Only in Dubai

  1. Brilliant. Just brilliant. I love Dubai.

    Thanks for the link to Mothersontheverge. Good blog you have here, I’ll put you up on my roll too just as soon as the end of term madness has abated. :-)

    • thank you! Obviously I’m just starting out so thanks for the support. Much enjoyed reading yours earlier today (although an awful lot to get through!)

  2. Hilarious!! Only in Dubai!! Great post, got the link from mothers on the verge FB page, we’ll be stopping by reguarly!! Good luck!!

    • Thank you. Read your latest post btw – one is enough for us too. I’m 30+more and I love my little one but can’t face the idea of doing it all again! So you’re not the only one. One is GOOD. See you around in cyberspace ;-)

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