Small town/big city

In a city that is all about bigger and better, it’s sometimes nice to remember that Dubai is not exactly a sprawling metropolis. We’re always bumping into people we know – at dinner, on weekends away, in the mall – and quite often the circles that people move in are still small enough to induce that feeling of ‘where everybody knows your name’. Sometimes this is not so great – I should imagine complete reinvention is a little difficult – but often it produces a feeling of camaraderie that gives out a warm and welcome glow in such a transient place as here. This is no more obvious than when listening to the radio. Yesterday, a generous amount of airtime was being given to the installation of the new and rather controversial speed camera on Al Hessa Street. You can’t get more local than that, and there was something rather nice about the sense of belonging it gave me, to know exactly what they were talking about and why.

More amazing is that I’m feeling this generous about Dubai in 45 degree heat late on a Thursday afternoon with another eight weeks to go before I escape for the summer. Times, they are a-changin’….

2 thoughts on “Small town/big city

  1. Moving to Dubai in 3 weeks…. 43 and single… what are my chances on meeting “real people” like you? your blog made me laugh.. im very dubious about the potential “fakeness” that i am bound to encounter – And how to make the elusive friends?? I was thinking about just throwing myself at peoples feet and begging them to treat me kind, but i think they may have me arrested.. anyway, i shall keep reading.. thankyou for keeping it real..

    Regards Esther

    • Esther, glad you enjoy my ramblings! The answer is you will meet lots of people good and bad. Best way to meet people outside of work (I assume you are working) is to find a hobby and get involved. Buy TimeOut it is an excellent place to start. There is so much to do in Dubai – sport, art, theatre, bookclubs etc – you will make plenty of friends! Although good luck you are arriving just before Ramadan ;-)

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