Get back in the kitchen

Scenesetter accessories from 1969 based on hou...

Get to it girls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a fantastic piece of reporting the Daily Mail have uncovered the fact that women are getting fatter because they don’t do as much housework as they did 50 years ago. I tell you what – I’ll spend an hour at the gym three times a week while my cleaner does the house. I’ll stay slim, fit, and won’t have to clean the toilet, remove old food from the gaps in my sofas and vacuum dead skin off the carpets. I might not have a 28 inch waist but I will be a lot happier. I also have a greater chance of equality than my forebearers if my sole job in life isn’t to clear up other people’s crap, bake cakes and look pretty.

Oh. Sh*t. Hang on…

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