English: Opened umbrella

WTF is this?? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thought process of approximately 150,000 women today in the UAE*:

It’s raining! It’s raining! IT’S RAINING!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Quick, call my friends! Send an SMS! It’s raining! Update my Facebook status! Tweet! Take photos! Send my children out to get wet! Blog about it! It’s friggin’ RAINING, MAN!

Sh*t my house is leaking! Where do we keep the buckets? Where’s the maid? Dammit it’s Friday, it’s the maid’s day off! Where’s the mop…SERIOUSLY? She’s washing my floors with that??! Why didn’t she tell me it needed replacing? IT’S RAINING!!! Ooooo hubby must be getting soaking wet at the 7s hahahahahahaha serves him right for leaving me with the kids on a weekend to go watch sport and drink beer..…it’s raining!! I think I’ll stare at it for a while and maybe open a door and listen to it.

No, you can’t go outside. Well okay, you can but you can only look at the rain. Don’t actually get wet, the mixture of sand and water will turn you into cement…Bugger! The cushions! Kids, go get the cushions! NO DON’T BRING THEM IN HERE! What’s that noise? It’s thunder, of course! LOOK AT THAT RAIN!!!!

Okay, time to come in. Let’s shut the door……ooo, look, the rain’s stopped.

Oh well, that’s that for another year…


(*These figures are fabricated and entirely inaccurate. It could just have been me…)

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