Ode to 2015

I can’t write properly. My fingers are too fat from all the Christmas pudding I’ve eaten and also, my brain isn’t quite ready to form whole sentences of reminiscence yet without getting a little teary. So here’s a poem instead. Happy New Year to everyone out there who’s still following me after all this time. It’s a privilege to write for you.

Ruby x

Ode to 2015

It’s been quite a year in this house; I will wager
We’ve covered more ground than an average year
The sum of it all is a large dose of happy
With just enough room for occasional tears

We’ve moved from Dubai to the city of London
Which fate has decreed should be our new home
But our year started sunny and innocent to the idea
That by June we’d be leaving to roam.

First there were shows every week at the theatre
With audiences laughing and cheering us on
Musical impro and Maestro, Ten Titles
And Theatresports – all of them came, then were gone

Next there was time for a small celebration
Academia finally calling for me
The end of two years of hard scribbling turned into
A book and a subsequent masters degree

Spring saw us starting our long preparations
For leaving our home of the past nine years
Logistics and planning and administration
Goodbyes to our friends who were so very dear

We went everywhere one more time for good measure
The desert, the ski slope, the beach and the malls
The restaurants and bars filled with so many memories
It wrenched at our hearts to say bye to it all

The summer upon us we left for a new life
Not having a clue what our fortunes would hold
These were the months of hard work, and before long
The summer was gone and it got really cold

School life began for our littlest member
The third set of friends in as many years passed
But easily settled with many a play date
It’s made him as happy as I could have asked

And me? Well I’m busy with writing and improv
And making my way in this different new place
Despite days of sadness where I feel quite lonely
There’s days where a big smile invades my whole face

A blossoming business, a published short story
A book in submission (I wait for a bite)
A new novel working it’s way to the surface
And sketch ideas keeping me up in the night

A new stage to play on at London’s The Miller
A new team to play with and enjoy the show
A bunch of new friends who I’m so looking forward
To spending more time with and getting to know

And if I look back, which I don’t do too often
For fear of the sadness that might start to creep
I find that instead there’s a growing collection
Of memories that I will cherish and keep

What a wonderful year, if crazy, chaotic
And challenging; yet, if you asked me today
Would I reverse it or change it? I’d tell you
I wouldn’t have it any other damn way.

Happy 2016 everyone!

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