Summer, summer, summertime

English: Suitcase made with cloth material.

Interesting fact: I searched for an image of a suitcase and all these weird piercings of ladies’ whoopsies came up. Who knew? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve tried really hard not to mention it, but it’s no use…I’M GETTING OUT OF HERE IN THREE DAYS!! The travel logistics are all in place, the social diary is sorted and the countdown has officially begun.

The summer has well and truly kicked in here, the streets are deserted, the heat and humidity are out of control and the only good thing about the fact that EVERYONE has left already is that the supermarket car park is empty and there is no queue for the till.

I started packing on Saturday – this process will take a week to get right in terms of luggage allowance vs. content as I battle with trying to create a capsule wardrobe that will take us from swanky city restaurants in London and New York to the beaches of Cape Ann. Not forgetting of course the potential rain-infested swamp that is my parents’ back garden if Britain continues its currently undefeated claim to the title of ‘Wettest Country in the World’. However, with three days to go and a comprehensive pack list I am confident I will succeed, although no doubt get irritated at what has become an annual cull on the nine pairs of shoes I believe you should be able to get in a suitcase.

Now I just have to get the family on the plane, try not to argue with my husband about anything on the way (here’s a hint: let me make all the decisions and don’t question any of them) and remember to charge the ipad and the portable dvd player so as to distract the little man from the fact I’m making him sit still for seven hours in a flying tin can.

Piece of cake. Happy summer to you all.

Ruby Slippers x